This module will teach you how to grow your business to take it from strength to strength. It includes different strategies for encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration amongst you and your team members. Your staff are the backbone of your MSME, and this module will teach you how to best manage the entire process, from recruitment to onboarding, to keeping everyone motivated. You will learn how to access specific support for innovation. Growth will be key and you will learn how to use the Balanced Scorecard as a framework for growth mapping. You will learn all about digital marketing and how to deliver a successful digital marketing campaign for your MSME, as well as embracing e-commerce. Technology is an important component, and this module will get you up to speed with the different types of technologies you should consider using to keep your business competitive. You will learn how to assess your performance and productivity and garner customer feedback for further optimisation of your MSME. An important component of this is learning how to embed Quality Management Practices into your MSME and other due diligence processes, such as contract management and good corporate citizenship. Finally, this module will equip you to be a leader. You will learn different skills such as pitching to investors, financing your growth and formulating a growth plan.